Daylight/Bi Color Temperature 60W Power Integrated LED Light

Compact, light and bright

Capable of constant power output at any color temperature.

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 High CRI

As a video light, GC60 Certainly has a high CRI light source, 95+CRI index and 96+ TLCI index, which can meet the needs of professional users.


96 +


95 +

Controllable Light 

The buckle of the deformable lampshade can be transformed into a bowens mount while using the build-in lampshade, supporting more light control accessories.

Wireless Stitching

Through a 1/4 screw hole on the body and with a magical arm, multiple GC60s can be spliced infinitely to form a light array, and can be controlled uniformly through a wireless remote control or APP.

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Built-in 142Wh Battery

It can be used for about 2 hours under the full power of 60W (there is a certain deviation in different working conditions). It meets the safety requirements of civil aviation and can be carried on the plane (not checked)

Battery Capacity

142 Wh

Battery Life

2 h

Support up to 100W fast charging

GC60 can be charged with most of the fast-charging heads of the protocols on the market. It supports charging while using. GC60 supports up to 100W charging, and it only takes two hours to fully charge.

Chargers with different wattages have different charging times

NTC Intelligent Active Cooling

Built-in turbo negative pressure fan, with NTC chip to ensure that the temperature of GC60 is at normal working temperature.

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NTC Intelligent Cooling

All-in-one, small size

An integrated design of Lamp beads + cooling + battery. While ensuring a small size, it can also have a built-in battery, which can be used at any time. And the bare metal only weights 1000g, when you go out to shoot, you can easily pack it into your backpack and start off immediately.

Universal Control Ring

Control the switch, brightness, color temperature, and lighting effect of GC60 through the control ring.

Single/Multi-scenario Shooting Tool

In interview, wedding shooting, outdoor live broadcasting or filming, the GC60’s compact size and all-in-one fit photographers’ need perfectly.

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