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FALCON APP Connection and Firmware Update Tutorial

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1.  Home Screen

  Home Screen in LOCK state;

  Click on “SETTING” to display setting menu.

2.  Switching of Channel

  Steps: Menu → WIFI → Scan. Turn on Bluetooth and then enter the next page according to the App prompts.

  After scanning completed the series number of BENBOX will be displayed, click on the number to enter the next page.

  Channel and Country/Region display, click on either of them to enter the options list.

  Channel can be switched on “Channel”.

  Country/Region can be switched on “Country/Region”.

  After switch completed, restart the BENBOX.

3.  Updating of Firmware

  Click on “Firmware” to display current version of firmware and icons for download and installation on the right side. Click on “download” to start downloading.

  When the download icon on the right side turns to a trash can which means downloading is completed, click on “install” to finish updating.

4.  Version Information