Ever-changing, both hard and soft

12W Full spectrum lamp beads CRI 95+

CRI 95+ to ensure the usage requirements of professional users.

Effect before lighting

Effect after lighting

Wide range adjustable Bi-color temperature.

The color temperature range is adjustable from 2700K-6500K, simulating different natural light sources to create professional light effects.

Can be soft or hard, and able to bend or stretch

Blow the air to transform into a 60cm stick light. Deflate it to transform into a flexible cloth light which is convenient for styling and lighting.

Multifunctional air nozzle makes filling and deflating easy and convenient.

This light supports electric and manual blowing and can be unfolded and used anytime and anywhere. Press and hold the air nozzle to deflate and fold it for storage.

Mouth blowing

Machine pumping

Built-in 18.5Wh lithium battery

Can be used for 75 minutes at full power, supports up to 15W fast charging and only takes 120 minutes to fully charge from 0%.

High-strength TPU airbag, waterproof and wear-resistant

The excellent stretchability and wear resistance of the airbag provide soft light while also protecting the lamp beads.

N52 magnet, firmly adsorbed

Built-in three N52 magnets allow the GC12 to be attached to any iron brackets and accessories, making it more convenient for outdoor use.

Color screen display gives clear view

The 0.96-inch color screen displays the working status of GC12, make the working status and lighting mode more intuitive.

Ready to use and work

Can be used as soon as you get it. IP66 Protection level makes it can be used in most harsh environments.

GOLD CROW Firmware Download