Wireless Control

The stabilizer can control camera shooting wireless through wireless connection with a camera, GOPRO5/6/7/8/9/10.


Pysical image stabilization is acheieved by adjusting and compensating camera pose during motion. you like.

Flashlight Shooting

Shoot cool and Inception video at low angle.

Time-lapse Shooting

One-click to shoot a time-lapse wirelessly, easy to make amazing video.

Vertical Shooting Mode s More Comfortable

Double click M Button to enter vertical shooting mode, perfect for short video platform on mobile phone.

Brand New Screen Upgradation

Unlimited movement , shoot flexible and convenient.

Quick Disassembling and Assembling brings More Comfortable

It is easy to assemble and disassemble by using the original screw, no longer worried about the size of the camera.

Compatible with a variety of Cameras

Widely compatible with existed action cameras on the market.