3-Axis Stabilizer for Action Camera

Three-axis Stabilization

Wireless Control

Multiple Modes

Vertical/Horizontal Shooting

Compatible with a variety of Cameras

Quick Installation

Support the MEDIA MOD

Support the MEDIA MOD, easily hold the Mic and Light. For easy live filming.

Reverse Charging Function

The gimbal supports reverse charging function,plug in the data cable, Press the power button five times to charge.

Professional Stabilizer

Three axes to make the video more stable and brushless motor responds quickly. Pysical image stabilization is acheieved by adjusting and compensating camera pose during motion.

Effect before use

Effect after use

Cool creative features!

Flashlight Shooting

Shoot pets and cute babies at a low angle easily, as well as cool rotating images like Inception.

Three Dimensional Dream

With the joystick to control the rotation of the pan/tilt, up to 360° unlimited rotation of the lens, easy to shoot anything you want.

Time-lapse Shooting

Recording the changing of day and night, the shifting of stars,as time goes by , all things in the world change, and feel this unique and beautiful mood.

Compatible with a variety of Cameras

Widely compatible with existed action cameras on the market.

Small size and convenient storage

It is made of lightweight aviation aluminum alloy, supplemented by advanced composite materials. The body is only 292.5g (with battery, without tripod), and it is only the size of a mobile phone after being folded. It can be placed directly in a bag or pocket, which is very convenient.

Folded Status


Product Weight


Product Contents

①Stabiilzer x1    ②Storage Bagx1    ③Tripodx1   ④Screwx1

⑤Charging Cable x1   ⑥Hexagon Wrench x1    ⑦Screw to fix camera x1   ⑧Ouick Start Guide x1

Product video