Wireless Image Transmission System

Built-in wireless image transmission, Bluetooth Communication and 30-meter transmission with ultra-low latency and real-time monitoring.

Intelligent Follow Focus

With zero latency and precise control, the gimbal is designed to provide optimum stability and comfort.

Longer endurance and faster charging

Warthog is equipped with advanced battery technology. Charging for 5 min it can work for half an hour. The battery can be fully charged in 120 minutes, and the longest working time is 10 hours.

OLED Screen

1-inch OLED Black-and-white parameter adjustment screen, supports switching of Chinese and English subtitles. Easy to view the working state and adjust the parameters and function modes.

Aluminum Alloy Material

With aviation aluminum body and silicone handle, the stabilizer is anti-skid, anti-friction and comfortable to hold.

Up to 5kg Maximum load

The stabilizer wights only 1.6 kg, but the motor performance is more powerful, supporting various of mirrorless and DSLR cameras.

Support Cameras

Compatible with most of the main current brand cameras on the market, and support parameter adjustment control of various cameras.